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                 SPEAKER BIOS
 of the early component bonding, wafer-plated, and through-silicon structures and methods enabling many heterogeneous products. That second company, ChipScale, was awarded over 40 patents for these. Virtually every cellphone has licensed and utilized the structures covered by these patents.
ATAR MITTAL is an electrical engineer who manages Sierra Circuits’ design and assembly divisions. Passionate about high- speed designs, he loves to write about signal integrity, controlled impedance, etc. He recently gathered all his notes for an e-book on PCB transmission lines and differential pairs in PCB transmission lines.
JAMIE PACAMARRA, CID, is a designer at Analog Devices, where she has created a range of designs for various applications and disciplines, while doing thermal, signal integrity, and mechanical management and analysis of boards using simulations and 3-D modeling. She has presented at local and global Analog Devices conferences. She has a bachelor’s in electronics engineering.
ZACHARIAH PETERSON has a diverse technical background spanning optics and electronics. He started his career at Portland State University teaching physics and conducting research in chemisorptive gas sensors, metal oxide electro-optics, and random lasers. Since leaving Portland State University, Peterson has continued conducting research in random laser theory, electronics, and applications of these mathematical methods in financial engineering. He is owner of Northwest Engineering Solutions.
DAN RADLER is director of factory technology for Tempo Automation, a software-driven smart factory that merges data, analytics, and automation to deliver new levels of speed, quality, and insights essential for rapid prototyping in hardware development environments. He is the company liaison to IPC. He has 20 years of manufacturing experience and work in establishing quality management systems that have been certified to aerospace and medical device industry standards.
NAVEID RAHMATULLAH has worked for Intel for 20 years and has managed multiple hardware design teams. He has been leading the board design and manufacturing process and methodologies improvements within Intel to maximize efficiency and delivery of high-quality hardware platform systems. He holds a degree in electrical engineering and has authored several technical papers.
LEE RITCHEY is president of Speeding Edge and has been designing PCBs for more than 40 years, which have been aimed at the high-performance computing and video game market. He has designed more than 5,000 PCB stackups ranging from 4-layer video game PCBs to 36-layer backplanes. He has also taught more than 11,000 engineers and designers his seminars on signal integrity and
PCB design. He has helped numerous fabricators learn to manufacture high-layer-count PCBs and backplanes. He was one of the original speakers at PCB West when it started in 1991.
HEMANT SHAH is group director of product management for PCB products at Cadence and is the Consortium Chair for IPC-2581 Consortium. He led the effort to create an industry-wide consortium of design and supply chain companies to advance the adoption of IPC-2581, the standard for transferring PCB design data to manufacturing. Earlier, Shah managed the Allegro signal and power integrity products for PCB and IC packaging.
SHANE SHUFFIELD is executive vice president of sales for Advanced Assembly. With over 15 years of industry experience, he has worked in all aspects of PCB fabrication and assembly, from running machines on the manufacturing floor to leading the sales teams in the executive offices. He currently oversees training of sales teams at three independent PCB fabrication and assembly companies and provides motivational and engaging training to electrical engineers of all skill levels. The knowledge he has provided engineers has made its way into circuit boards inside automobiles driving across the country’s roads, down boreholes miles below the Earth’s surface, and millions of miles away in outer space.
DANIEL SMITH, IPC CID+, has more than 35 years’ experience in all roles of the PCB design process (concept through manufacturing/destruction). He has two US patents for EDA-related inventions and has programmed in a variety of software languages. He has taught a variety of PCB design courses, including HDI and other topics.
VERN SOLBERG is an independent consultant specializing in SMT and microelectronics design and manufacturing technology. He has served the industry for more than 30 years in areas related to commercial and aerospace electronic products and is active as an author and educator. He holds several patents for IC packaging innovations, including the folded-flex 3-D package technology, is author of Design Guidelines for Surface Mount and Fine-Pitch Technology, and is a speaker and instructor supporting several industry organization technical programs, including IPC and SMTA.
MARCUS MIGUEL V. VICEDO, CID, is a PCB design engineer at Analog Devices, supporting customer evaluation and systems board designs and designing RF boards with the Limerick Team. He has a bachelor’s in electronics engineering from Lyceum of the Philippines University - Cavite.
MIKE VINSON is president and COO of Averatek. He has over 35 years of experience in product development and marketing in electronics. He has been responsible for all aspects of product and process development activities and manufacturing operations. Today, he is responsible for the commercialization of the Averatek precursor catalytic ink, nanomaterials, and ink blocking materials.

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